Great Irish Records: #1 Blue In Heaven - Explicit Material

Blue In Heaven were one of the first bands that had an impression on me as teenager growing up in the suburbs of Dublin. At the time I didn't realise how much they owed to a now obvious affection for The Stooges. In fact listening now with fresh ears they sound to me like Duran Duran covering Iggy and chums, albeit Shane has a far more powerful voice than Simon LeBon!
Live they were outstanding, we followed them everywhere (by everywhere I mean every gig in Dublin). 
One gig that stands out in the memory was in the basement of Arnotts, in what must have been the boiler room from the heat we endured. I must have lost a stone at that gig. My mate Tony was chatted up by Shane O'Neill's younger sister but didn't believe her claims to know the band so he blew her off. We were enjoying the gig too much to be messing around with girls. My god he was pissed off to see her backstage after the gig while we filed out sweat drenched. 
Explicit Material is in my opinion their best release. Stand out tracks are Be Your Man and the superb I Just Wanna, still one of my all time favourite tracks, the opening bass line still gives me goose bumps. My cassette copy of this wore out some time ago and its long long deleted. I've searched the Interwebs high and low for a copy and a few weeks ago came across a download courtesy of Systems Of Romance, a quite excellent blog. If you fancy a listen: click here.

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