I weep for the future...

I work in IT, in a large open plan office surrounded by the 'leaders of tomorrow'. Fresh faced graduates spilling with confidence and qualifications. On paper these are smart people. But, there had to be a but didn't there, the level of basic education is absolutely shocking. A friend and I have often faced blank stares when using words of more than two syllables or referring to book we are reading. The BigBrother / Heat magazine celebrification of modern culture is very scary.
To highlight this I refer you to a conversation overheard today;

Bloke: So, you know that Che Guevara?

Budgie: Oh yeah - he used to be married to Carmen Electra

Bloke: Doh, no, thats Dave Navarro, che guevara is that fella from the tshirts in Pennys

Run for the hills, these people have votes and are allowed drive cars in public!